Squad Ops
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SOTT Basic Quick Reference
  1. Buddyteam, Fireteams, Squads, and Platoons.
  1. Chain of Command: Platoon Command to Squad Leaders to Fireteam Leaders to Rifleman.
  1. Elements: Fireteams are labeled A and B, Squads are numbered, Platoons are named. (Example: Squad 2-A, where Squad is the platoon infantry callsign, 2 is the 2nd squad, and A is the first fireteam.)
  1. If your Squad Leader and Fire Team Leaders becomes  KIA, you must seek out the next person in-charge, even if it is a person in a different unit.
  1. Proper communication: ABCs (Accuracy, Brevity, and Clarity)
  1. 3 Ds of Contact Reports (IN ORDER)
    1. Direction
    2. Distance
    3. Description
Order matters because if you die instantly, they at least know the direction.
Ex: North, 50 meters, two enemies

  1. Formations: LINE, FILE, COLUMN
  1. LINE delivers maximum firepower to frontal contact
  1. FILE lacks the forward firepower of a LINE, but is easier to control and faster in transit.
  1. COLUMN is a variation of the FILE as it allows easy and quick movement, but provides more protection to the sides and front.

  1. Open Fire - Fire upon enemy once discovered
  1. Hold Fire - Do NOT fire upon discovering enemy
  1. Check Fire - Temporarily halt firing due to friendlies in the area
  1. Cease Fire - Stop Firing
  1. Shift Fire - Physically shift fire.  Listen to your SL or FTL stating to shift up, down, left, or right.
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