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Whats your favorite role in squad and why?
Hard to tell... I like several roles depending on my mood, I'm comfortable being SL but it is very demanding and sometime I just don't want to deal with that so I tend to try to get something with an optic so I can see what I'm shooting at or medics, I feel useful healing peoples. Lately I discovered myself a new passion to blow stuff up with the Light Anti-Tank because explosions are awesome in Squad!
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Ngl, I love Grenadier being able to pop someone at 300+ metres is the funniest thing you can possible do and the follow up with the rage in all chat is simply hilarious.  Sick Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
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I gotta love Anti Tank. When a Striker etc. rolls up pinning down my squad it's a good feeling blowing that thing up
Here is my micro-paper on why Medic is my favorite role:

Squad self-describes as a game that requires elements of teamwork and communication. (1) The problem is: it's hard to establish either element without survivability. (2) A good medic provides that survivability. (3) In my opinion, a great medic enhances those elements while providing that survivability.

In conclusion, that's why I love the challenge.

1. "What Is Squad?" (https://joinsquad.com/about)
2. Tickets - Official Squad Wiki (https://squad.gamepedia.com/Tickets)
3. Kit Role Selection - Official Squad Wiki (https://squad.gamepedia.com/Kit_Role_Selection) (describing Medic role in the blue table)

1. The judge of how long the tassels on the corn are, because they are too long for there current stage in growth!
2. Squad Leader, because I feel slightly useless unless I am squad leading.
3. HAT, just something about getting a one shot on a 30mm feels so good.
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Defiantly LAT, really like AR too
Not sure if it counts, but I've always been fascinated by the destruction and suppression power of the mortars. Nothing beats an accurate artillery barrage for me; it's always satisfying to hear the feint sound of my mortars landing, along with the confirmation of the squad leader that they are on point.

Besides that, the AR is my go-to gun for the same reasons. The power of suppression is just fascinating for me, I love being that guy who pins down the enemy so the rest of my team can get on them.
For me my favorite is Squad leading, especially outside of Ops where I get the feel 90% of SL's make horrible calls. If I don't get pulled for SLing I generally go for LAT, or Medic. I can't use AR's for the life of me though.

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