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Whats your favorite role in squad and why?
I like yo play medic, because I noticed sometimes, not a lot of people play the roll, so I like to fill in the spot, but mainly I love playing the basic rifleman with optic, I feel I perform much better than I do with just a standard rifle.
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If I'm lucky enough not to have to worry about being a medic, LAT, or god forbid, a SL, nothing beats the simplicity and freedom from responsibility of a rifleman.

That being said, I haven't really stepped up to the plate as a SL since the first time I tried. I'd guess that 40 extra hours since my first time doesn't hurt, but I'd really hate to be that guy who gets his squadmates stuck in so many failed firefights that they never get to close the spawn screen.
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I definitely prefer medic for a few reasons. The primary being that I'm still kind of a terrible shot. I'm getting better, but medic allows me to contribute in a different way. I am typically a healer in MMOs so I guess it just makes sense that I would take to medic here. I enjoy being someone that people can rely upon to help them out.

Also it seems that people tend to listen to medics, which is a nice benefit when I just want people to get into some safe cover to get healed lol
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I like medic kit, they always needed, but sometimes I prefer to "relax" as rifleman, because running back and forth under fire with bandages can be exhausting  Smile
Ill be any class, i like to use the GL, or LAW/RPG(things that go boom r fun haha), AR etc ill even be medic(if needed, i hate being medic lol, i pretty much dont like being anything that relies on me to stay alive like SL or Medic), but i usually like to just let other people fill the roles they like. Im a simple man and the basic rifle n some hand grenades is all i need to have a good time, being the Infantry is my love n passion, i get a thrill from being the expendable being sent to sling lead at some baddies, CQB is my favorite n i dont shy away from a chance to get up close n personal lol pew* pew* pew*
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My preferred one would be basic riflemen, so I can crew vehicles and not hinder other players from taking classes.
If no vehicles are used, I like being LAT, HAT or scout for anti vehicle and ambushing purposes.
Other classes like LMG, Grenadier or Medic are no issue and I enjoy them as well, mostly Grenadier.
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Marksman, because im sort of a ''lone wolf'' ya know..

^SIKE, Medic is my favourite classBig Grin
My absolute favorite is marksman, playing as a forward observer for everyone and being sneaky with a small team. I also enjoy medic and squad lead. Medic makes me think a lot more about where and how I place myself so as to be useful but not dead.
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Don't really have a favourite kit, usually just want to play a little bit of everything cause i tend to play differently according to the kit i have
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Suicide Bomber (Scout) my friends, theres nothing like rushing the infidels with a bike

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