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Official Squad Ops FAQ
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Squad Ops is a closed server community event focused on immersion and tactical gameplay. We aim to bring realistic scenarios into Squad while creating an interactive, cinematic experience for both the player and the spectator.


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Joining is simple and fast. The first step is to register on our official forums and fill out all the required areas. Next, simply navigate to the events page to register for an event. Confirm your registration and show up on Discord for the event.


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At this point in time all you will need to have downloaded is Squad and Discord. In the future, Squad Ops may require mods and maps to be downloaded.


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Squad Ops is different from regular public matches in one key way: In Squad Ops, you get one life. When you are incapacitated you must view the rest of the match from the admin cam perspective and are only allowed to communicate with other dead players. To keep things exciting, we also handcraft our own scenarios and missions.


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Squad Ops hosts one official event per week (This will change in relation to demand). We also do testing for new operations regularly. Be sure to check our Events page for the most accurate information.


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Above all else, maturity and respect are expected of all players. Squad Ops is looking to create scenarios where hardcore tactics and gameplay are vital in Squad. However, Squad Ops will always be geared toward creating an entertaining environment for our community.


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Squad Ops is a community built around hosting events. We are not recruiting as there are no official members. The only people directly connected to Squad Ops are the staff helping the growth and stability of the community.


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Everyone is welcome in Squad Ops. Whether you are a clan member or a single player. Feel free to bring your clan members, friends, and other community members to any of our events.


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Because of the nature of Squad Ops and the community we are trying to foster, we rarely tolerate players under the age of 18 to participate in Squad Ops.


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Steam-64 ID is required for registration because it allows us to easily track event rosters and assign death cam permissions to our participants.


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Unfortunately, we do not allow live streaming of the events but we do allow you to record your footage and upload it after the event has ended.


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Of course! Players are allowed to join late. If a match is in progress then you can watch the rest of the match and join a team when the next one begins.


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Currently Squad Ops isn’t taking any donations. If you would like to help Squad Ops in other ways, check the forums for position openings or staff opportunities.


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Any of the Managers/Staff will be able to assist you in Squad Ops related issues.

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