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Fallen Tree AAR 9/3/2016 (Round 1)
Operation Fallen Tree After Action Report
Location: Russia
Time: 1100 Local
Adversaries: Russia v. Militia
Russian Leaders: Karmakut (Commander), Muff (SL), Hammering Hutch (SL)
Russian size and assets: 20x Infantry, 1x BTR, 1x Transport Vehicle
Militia Leaders: Orange (Commander), Fros7bite (SL), TwoTonTeuton (SL)
Militia size and assets: 20x Infantry, 3x Armed Technicals

Mission Objective
The Russian forces are to find and secure three Militia URAL 375D trucks equipped with vital assets.

Russian forces movement
Starting from main base the Russians went north along the MSR with their BTR and a fully loaded transport truck. At the fork they turned west and assaulted the mine entrance where first contact was made at approximately 1115 local time. After an intense firefight the remaining Russians secured and regrouped in the mine entrance. From there they moved north to Ammo Depot and tried to find the enemy URALs. After unsuccessfully scouting the enemy, the Russian forces split towards the Train Yard and another suspected site east of Ammo Depot. The team that went south to Train Station made contact with the enemy and after a brief firefight only two Russians survived. The remaining forces rushed to the Train Yard to clear it out. Once clear the infantry spotted the Militia outpost just northwest of the Train Yard and moved towards it. The BTR proceeded north from the Train Yard through the valley just east of the Militia outpost. Once in the fields the BTR took fire from multiple armed technicals and was destroyed before any real impact was made. The remaining infantry, now up the hill and west of the Militia outpost, advanced only to be overwhelmed and massacred after a short firefight. 

Militia forces successfully defended their assets and neutralized the Russian force with minor casualties.

Map of Russian movements

Last man standing - Karmakut

Russian BTR firing upon Militia outpost

Final Scoreboard
I was the first one dead. Fun times.

Btw here's a handy little tool for drawing on the maps, if you're interested http://gametactic.org/squad
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