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Whitelist Server Information
What is the Whitelist server?
  • The white list server is an environment for the more serious and hardcore players of Squad who are looking for structured and tactical play.
How do I join the Whitelist server?
  • Anyone that registers on our forums is automatically added to the Whitelist every morning. Simply register and you will be added the next day.
How is the Whitelist server different from public servers?
  • The Whitelist server is different because registering helps to "enforce" platform for more strict and organized play. Players can expect higher-level tactics as well as playing with friends and staff of the Squad Ops community. 
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to jump on Discord and PM an [Ops] Admin or Manager!

Tell your friends and clanmates! We are open to all who are looking for the same experience and hopefully we will see you on the battlefield!

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