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Squad Ops Public White-Listed Server!
When you join the Squad Ops Community, we will ask for your Steam 64 ID.  This is collected not only for our Operation Event Servers, but for our White-Listed Server.  Certains days, the Staff will lock the server so only those who joined our site will be able to enter.

The Public White-Listed Server will be licensed and active 24/7 (excluding any server restarts). The server will be the location our community members, staff, friends, and trusted-players can game on while experiencing a high-quality and immersive environment similar to our Weekly Operations. 

Anyone is free to join, but keep in mind that the Public White-Listed Server is a place for serious gameplay on a platform that is more structured than that of chaotic public matches. 

Join now by Registering on our Forums!: http://forums.squadops.gg/member.php?action=login
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