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nateedwardsone new to squad

New to Squad though I've watched Karmakut's video streams/videos on YT over the last six months or so....and winning a steam key for Squad through one of Karmakut's live streams...I of course have the game now.  Enjoying it immensely and decided to sign up with Squad Ops as it's been hit or miss finding a good Squad Lead who keeps the team together and presents the proper Squad experience. 

When there has been a good SL, the game really shines and objectives are either met or attempted in a structured manner with everyone usually playing their part. Seeing how Squad Ops focuses on such things as a rule, it seems that this would be the right community to connect with. 

Looking forward as I get better to begin playing within the Squad Ops community, though I may jump in sooner than later....after all, watching months of videos has definitely given an edge and understanding about what the game is about.

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