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New to Squad and SquadOps :)
I'm also relatively new to PC gaming. I've had my steam for about 7 years but my PC, until about 3 months ago, was only a little better than a toaster. In fact, the PC I was using when I set up my steam was the one I was still using until recently. 

3 months ago I decided to try out PC gaming (from console of course) so I threw a 1050ti in my dated Dell XPS 8100, i7 870, 8GB DDR3, and although it wasn't the best PC it was still enough to make me abandon console, cancel my Xbox One X preorder, bring my work computer home (i7 6700, 16GB) and use the preorder money for a 1070ti that I just put in 4 days ago. 

I was just scrolling through twitch a couple days ago and saw someone playing Squad, I was immediately drawn into the game. Hearing everyone communicate effectively, and in military lingo, was super cool to me. After researching the game some more and reading the positive reviews about the community, I quickly made the purchase. I loaded up my first game, and was blown away by the realism of EVERYTHING. The streams and YouTube videos just don't do this game justice. 

After a very confusing couple of games (not knowing the map/icons) I knew I had to do some more research. Trying to learn in-game isn't the most effective, as the Squad had more important things to handle than baby sitting a newbie. So I watched some more YouTube videos, and searched for more streams. 

After finding the SquadOps stream I knew I wanted to join and be apart of a more immersive team environment. So here I am. Smile

MadGadsden is my name and it stems from my love of the Gadsden Flag and the iconic statement written on it "DONT TREAD ON ME" with a rattle snake coiled up and ready to strike. 

I look forward to becoming a valuable member of the team and an effective force multiplier!

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