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Names Understeer1, been playing MMO's for the last 10 years now. Started with Planetside2 and logged over 2000 hours and still occasionally play. I usually belong to some of the most tactical outfits and groups in my MMO's after I learn the mechanics and get comfortable with my game style. I try to be the best at every role I play whether it be medic, sniper or just a driver/pilot, I am usually one of the best. For this game however I have only just begun and logged no more than 10 hours in game. I am still getting the weapon mechanics nailed down and have not yet assumed a squad lead role even though I have toyed with it from time to time. Saw these squad ops videos on YouTube with Karmkut and Diplexheated play/spectating and thought I would really enjoy playing these more intense and communication oriented game types. Thanks for making it this far in my comment and hope to see you in game. 

   -   ChiefUndersteer1

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