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Hello fellas! My name is Ogi (english ofc.) Im 21 from Lithuania. I've been playng games since my child hood and first pc  Big Grin i have alot of history and what to talk about in-gaming. I decided to try out Squad when it first came out and i loved it, but at that time i had something esle to do(can't remember)  and from this free weekend i decided to buy it if il find the perfect community and friends, i hope that "Squad Ops" is the community i am looking for! I love fps games,tactics and teamwork. My side life is full of things,i like cars, motorcyles, weapons and active-life hoobies (like hiking,survival ect.) I am a Lithuanian Armed Forces soldier. 
If anyone is interested in other games im free to play and have fun ? Counter strike (almost 10years) Bsttlefield (since bf2) pubg,forza horizon 3, lol, insurgency, gta V.
Im planing to join this community and help it grow and support it as much as i can. 

Happy gaming,

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