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Hi this is a newbbie
I'm GIORY and I've just bought the game, I have been watching Karmakut and generally Squadops videos for a long time and now that I have the game and the means to play (Higher than toaster rank), I'm hyped to join what seems like an active and mature community. I'm a casual player and don't usually join long time sessions, however when I play I try to be as responsible and caring as possible (as in my opinion it is the best way to enjoy a game of Squad). If you end up playing with me you'll probably see that I'm quite enthusiastic (LOUD AF) but I suppose I can fix this as time goes by. Anyway I've spoken a lot...
I would be glad to meet you all fellas !!!

Sidenote: Personal Interests: PC BUILDING, Physics, History, Political and historical memes... Tongue Big Grin

See yall in the battleground,

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