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Lithics introduction!
Hello all! I am Lithics! I am currently active duty in the US Navy. I have been a huge FPS gamer for quite some time now. Recently i jumped on the PUBG bandwagon and then was told about Squad. A friend of mine, who also just registered on this site with me, gifted me this game, And since then have yet to return to PUBG. I love this game so much. But have noticed the plague of miscommunication or none at all. So after watching DiplexHeated and Karmakut videos on youtube. Ive decided to be a part of this community. I really look forward to playing with all of you and have already signed up for SOTT. My friend and I are very excited. Cant wait to see all of you on the battlefield!
Welcome to the community, Lithics. We've got a ton of active duty, guard, reserve, and prior service vets from around the globe within our community. Be sure to check out the #readme in the discord and get signed up for your SOTT Basic course (info is in the readme). If you have any questions feel free to ask either in the discord or here in the forums.

Hope to see you out on our servers and play alongside you in future operations.
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