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its me, wahid
i play from germany,
coming from greece.

No Military Background, but some Airsoft MilSim.

I hope i'm right at this community cause im looking forward:
-to realisting and long lasting battles, as in Milsim the respawn timers are around 1-6 Hours (!!!)
-following the chain of command
How are you, wahid haqim? Hopefully we can offer what you're looking to get out of this game. You can find out more about us when you check out the #readme in the discord. There are links in there to find out how we play our operations. You can also get first and third person operation perspectives from our various streamer community such as Karmakut, DiplexHeated, or by checking out the SquadOps Twitch page. If you have any questions feel free to ask either in the discord or here in the forums.

We have a large player base in EU so I'm sure you'll fit right in.
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A little sad because since the patch 2-3 days ago i have visal and sound freeze literally every 40 seconds for 5 seconds....

I play mostly MED and since the patch if u bandage someone he respawns like 5-10 meters away from where he was laying before.....

Also Dead Teammate Markers are WALKING AROUND on the map since this supposed mapfix...

I also got a Unreal Engine Error last night playing on whitelist 1 after i could not rejoin.

I pressed send but also took a screenshot.

If necessaary where should i send the screeny to?

Peace out

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