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Ban Appeal- TK
Server: SquadOps.gg - Whitelist 1

While i do agree the first two TK I did were my fault. I said sorry as soon as it happened and they were fine with it afterwards. As for the third kill (which I suspect was what got me banned) My Squad leader wanted me to kill him because he wanted to change to Squad Leader but he had chosen Marksman instead. While I did refuse at first because I being feared being banned. When he started walking away saying "fine fine" I went and killed him. I am personally friends with him if you need you could message him for proof---Steam username: Russian Spud. He was also part of two I killed earlier with a bad grenade. This is my first time using this site so I don't really know how the reply system works but i guess it is like any other so if you admins need any more questions answered please ask. I Promise this will not happen again.

Once again very sorry for this Incident.

Russian Potato.

You were banned for the third TK, as you stated. Our policy is to ban intentional TKs. Your case will be reviewed by staff to make sure that everything is in order.

As for changing kits, there is an option to do so when you reach a ammo box -- it saves spawning time for both people, and prevents the TKer from having 60 seconds added to their timer.

Also, if you have any questions, please join our Discord. You'll have a much faster response time with staff by going to the "Help Me" channel.

EDIT: You can also open the console ( hit the tilda ` key) and type "Respawn"
Life would be better if it was narrated by Morgan Freeman.

Please join our discord so we can discuss this further:

Life would be better if it was narrated by Morgan Freeman.


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