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Hey guys Cantadorr here and I have a question for you all, So I have been seeding whitelist 1 for a couple of times now and I have come across so many people who capture flags, hunt down fobs, spawn camp, use vechiles etc. People who don't want to listen to the rules we try to make on the go, so that everyone can have a good time. So for my suggestion: Can we get official seeding/popping rules (in the #readme channel perhaps) So that everyone can have a fun time seeding instead of 1 team completly destroying the other. I would like to hear what you guys think about this idea and maybe perhaps come up with some rules?

Some rules I had in mind are: No capturing flags, No spawn camping/hunting down fobs, Don't use vehicles. (since they are a pain in the ass to deal with when you only have 5 people in a squad) And fight over 1 place a place both teams can agree on.
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While I'm not staff or anything, i can see this being hard to enforce without an admin being in the server. 

How do you enforce this with someone not in the Squad Ops discord that saw 10 people in the server (via server browser) and decided to just join? They won't be reading #readme

More rules (such as no capping, no vics, etc...) require more admin resources to be used to make sure the rules are enforced - and seeding tends to happen during hours when most are working/sleeping.
I think it has good intentions but it is all based on each other. There will always be that one bad apple who either wanted to chill and doesn't pay attention or the one without a mic who is sidetracked with IRL distractions.

As discord members, we usually have an implied "Attack a single objective" which is usually not co-located with the current flag. Also we kind of set adhoc rules among each other as do not dig/camp each other's fob on either side and the modified game style will go until 20v20 (half pop). These are not just Squad Ops popping techniques but also populating techniques for most gaming communities outside of Squad.

We could maybe chat about recommended seeding guidance but I do not see actual rules being in place for the time being.
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If the seeding of the server just started admins/staff or even the players take the initiative to try and have the players fight over a centered point on the map untill 15v15 (or another number).
Which after reaching that number we'll open up the map and normal gameplay can resume.
While most of the times it works out and people actuely follow the temporary rules it is completely out of our hands if they decide not to follow them as Burnz mentioned.

Luckily i think seeding the SquadOps server doesn't take that long as it used to be and we manage to fill up the server pretty quickly.
So if an admin or the players decide on a ruleset for seeding that's great, it makes populating the server more pleasant.
If not, just continue playing and hope more people join so the game can really kick off.
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Good suggestion, but as those above me mentioned, I think it'd be a bit difficult to enforce. Plus, the #readme is there for more crucial info that really can be enforced, vs. seeding, which is pretty temporary (if people actually read it in the first place).

My personal advice would be to think of seeding as a time to just do things you wouldn't normally do in a standard game, and mess around (not in the troll-sense, but just go for those risky engagements you maybe normally wouldn't take). Like Digit said, it doesn't normally take too long to seed now anyway, and you can play more seriously when map rolls. Afterall, it's just one round of a game.

If you can coordinate with the other team and do the 15vs15 thing, awesome. If you can't because they're AFK or just random people, oh well, at least you can still shoot 'em Wink

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