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Sense - Introduction
Hello, my name is Sense but you can call me by my real name (Harrison). 
Well a little bit about myself; 
Im 16, im in the army cadets, have been for a while now.
Im from Manchester, United Kingdom.
My main hobbies consist of Cars(JDM Culture), Gaming, the Millitary, Skateboarding, BMXing and Mountain Biking.

Lets talk about the virtual world now.
Ive been in 2 realism units on different games. One was Battlefield 4 on xbox and the other which i currently am still active in this unit is the 508th PIR Day Of Infamy Realism Unit.
My In-game names can be two different names, thats either killy or sense but most of the time its just sense.
The games i love the most are, COD 4 ProMod, CSGO, TF2, Squad(Obviously) and Day Of Infamy. 

My PC Setup:
Processor:Intel i5 Skylake 6600k 3.5ghz Processor.

RAM:HyperX Black Fury RAM

Power Supply Unit:Corsair 650w Gold Full Modular power supply unit

CPU Air Cooler:Cooler Master V8 CPU air cooler

Motherboard:On a gigabyte Z170x Gaming 3 Motherboard.

Case:NZXT H440 White Mid Tower Case

Graphics Card: MSI GeForceGTX 1070 Armor Graphics Card

Mouse:Element Gaming Mouse Cobalt 120

Keyboard:Element Gaming Keyboard Thorium 100

Headset:Element Gaming PC Headset Neon 250

Well, this has been my introduction, i look forward too playing and meeting you guys  Smile .
Welcome to Squad Ops!
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Hiya Harrison!
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Welcome to Squad Ops!

Make sure you sign up for SOTT Basic so that you can participate in our 1-life events. All our events are in the calendar and the time is your local time. If you haven't already stop by the discord and say hi! Have a look at the #readme over at the discord, there's alot of info in one place. If you have any questions, just ask.

See you on the battlefield and the discord.
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Welcome to Squad Ops!
I hope to see you on the discord  & in events in the near future! Big Grin
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