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Hello there!
Name's daddy (not my real name obviously). Have been playing Squad for a while and enjoying it a lot. Found this community via Karmakut's YT channel and am looking forward to join some one-life events after some training sessions (?).

IRL I work as an IT manager in a software company, enjoy tactical realism, milsim and simulation games a lot. I play large scale airsoft games at least once or twice a year.

Looking forward to meeting everyone on the field.

Just a question, how is EU side of the community going? Strong, I hope!
Welcome to the community, da... buddy*. The one-life events are even more fun when you're playing in person. Check out the #readme in the discord and be sure to sign up for your SOTT Basic course (info is in the readme). If you have any questions feel free to ask either in the discord or here in the forums.

We have a solid player base located in EU and even host a Saturday Operation session at an EU friendly time.
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Welcome to Squad Ops!

See you on the battlefield and the discord.
Something something something...
Welcome to our community!
Welcome to Squad Ops, EU community has an EU friendly OP every Saturday, hopefully I'll see ya on the field!
Welcome to Squad Ops!
I hope to see you on the discord  & in events in the near future! Big Grin
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