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Hey all,

After building computers for numerous friends I finally built my own(my last one was terrible) and I am stoked! I can actually play squad since my new computer isn't a potato anymore. This means I am new to Squad and looking forward to learning from some awesome players. 

A little about me: I am 25 and from Virginia. I am getting married in a few months so that is fun and a pain. I graduated with a History degree and now I work at a Botanical Garden. After a couple years working I realized History wasn't for me(as a job at least) so now I am loving my time at the garden building and fixing up the place. 

Looking forward to meeting you all!
Welcome to Squad and Squad Ops! See you on the field!
Welcome to Squad Ops!
To participate in future Ops be sure to sign up for the SOTT Basic under the "Events Tab"
I hope to see you on the discord  & in events in the near future! Big Grin
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Welcome to Squad Ops!

See you on the battlefield and the discord.
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