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New to Squad, Looking to get Involved
Hey all, name is Adrian Johnson.

I am new to the game of Squad by a couple days, and was referred here by PartTimeNinjaTurtle after playing a couple games and running a pretty impressive Super FOB at the Radio Tower.

I live in Minnesota and serve in the Minnesota National Guard as an Infantryman. I am in the 34th Infantry Division (Red Bulls). I also am involved in the Law Enforcement profession.

Feel free to send me a Steam invite and I would love to play Squad with any of you so long as you aren't a knucklehead. 

I also game on PS4, my PSN ID is SternalJet as well. 

Looking forward to gaming with this community,
Welcome to Squad and Squad Ops!
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Welcome to Squad Ops!
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Welcome to Squad Ops!
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Welcome to Squad Ops!

See you on the battlefield and the discord.
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