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Banned for being sarcastic
In-Game Name:
In-Game Name: SPOT

Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198032492820/

Date/Time of Ban (if known): Last week?

Which server were you banned on? (if known): SquadOps - Whitelist 1

So here I was playing on Insurgency, my all time FAVORITE game mode, on Kohat. Was running around in my sandals shooting up Americans and whatnot, the usual. I just love Insurgency because it's really fun getting dunked on by US for two hours as they sit around camping us instead of pushing the objective. Anyways! Around the hour and thirty minute mark things were getting spicy. Already racked up a ton of kills and was just loving every minute I spent looking at the spawn screen and getting camped. It was so great that half our team wasn't even playing! Anyways, so people were talking in all chat a lot and the admins are really against casual conversation for some reason, and someone got kicked! The reason was for not 'learcing' all chat and I was really confused. So I was all "What does 'learcing' mean?" And I got kicked! They didn't even answer my question or give me a warning! Anyways, I got back on after a minute and just wanted to let the admins know how much I love this game mode. So I wrote a nice, heartfelt message about how much I love spending two hours on one map that you know the outcome on! They didn't like that and banned me permanently without so much as a warning! I just don't know what a guy has to do around here to have some casual conversation. Perhaps including that only one message or fewer per game are allowed or you will be perma banned without warning? Or that sarcasm is a bannable offense unless /s is included at the end of the message? 

Hi, you were banned after being kicked, rejoining the server and continuing the behavior you were kicked for. All this after multiple admin broadcasts to clear out the all-chat. Usually we don't even give this much warning, as one broadcast should normally suffice.

If this were a heartfelt and honest ban appeal we would absolutely consider lifting the ban, however seeing as this appeal is equal parts malicious and untrue, I am upholding the ban.

We don't require much from our players on our server but respecting the few rules we have, as well as respecting the staff who work to keep the server running, are two important requirements. In this case you have failed at both levels, which is why this ban is being upheld.

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