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Taking out INS layers from Map Rotation
I enjoy INS though I can't turn a blind eye to the fact that it causes depop as much as First Light Conquest did. I'd suggest removing it from the rotation however during the day if admins are on at the end of the round occasionally roll to INS so it isn't completely off the server.
Thanks for your thoughts guys. It could also be that Kohat is the cause too, since it's such a big map. Then with a Kohat + INS combo, it might just be making it worse--I don't see the INS "problem" as prevalent in the night map that we run on, so that was my thought.

I think there could be a couple ways to go about this:

1) Leave it as is. There is severe depop, but it does repop depending on the time of day and our effort as a community. If nothing else, this could just be something to keep in mind for future map rotations. I know a lot of people do like INS layers once in a while, but like Sylus said, I personally felt like it was a bigger issue from a general populace standpoint (since afterall, these are public servers). As Hyper mentioned, I did see a lot more drops after initial map changes, but my observation was that this was occurring more so, and for a longer period of time, on the INS layers. Hopefully in the future we can do actual data collecting and see what "works" from an objective perspective. Another workaround could be for admins/staff to be more conscientious of when a map roll should take place, if it seems like it will kill the server (ex. late night, etc.)

2) Completely take out, at least, Kohat INS, and leave every other map in the rotation as is (or replace Kohat INS with something else, maybe even just a different Kohat layer).

In the future (once mod dev comes out), one idea could be to have a voting system of sorts, that's in-game, after the match. Where players have, say, two map options to choose from. Of course this is all so hypothetical so not really usable at this point, but just figured I'd write it down.

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