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Readme Highlight: Impromptu SOTT Basic Sessions
One of the lesser utilized opportunities within our #readme channel is the SOTT team's impromptu session once per week. I have had multiple people ping me as it seems to be pretty hard to get into a SOTT Basic session lately (as of right now there are 68 waitlisted on tomorrow's first scheduled showtime and 47 waitlisted for the second) and they do not always fit everyone's schedule. If it sounds similar to your scenario:

  1. Gather atleast 15 other people who also need SOTT Basic. This can more easily be done by pulling up the Reserves/Waitlist roster for the most recent SOTT: Basic Training event (which can be found through the Events Tab). From there search their name on Discord and direct message each person.
  2. Message the SOTT instructor team using @SOTT on our Squad Ops discord within the #general text channel to find an available instructor. You will then be able to establish a good time and date that works for your group members.
  3. It is all waiting at this point to ensure that you will make your newly scheduled impromptu SOTT session.
That wraps up this Readme Highlight. Hopefully that helps you guys accomplish your Basic Course so we can get you guys playing in our future Operations. For further information, feel free to check out the #readme text channel to stay up to date on important information and rules.
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