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Operation: Harbinger was inspired by Spartan Trail, but I liked the idea of giving the advanced squad the option of mounting some guys up in an HMMVW and giving them the option to do a bit of hunting themselves.  Also given the wide variety of terrain that Kohat offers, I thought it would be interesting to see how it would play out. 

The general idea is that US Command and one squad will spawn at the checkpoint in the south and move to one of five possible FOB locations each with their own advantages and disadvantages.  Some of them are great compounds, but are easily overlooked by a hill. Some are decent compounds, but have gentle terrain around them allowing for engagement at range. 

The rest of the US forces will spawn at US main and take the HMMVW, Logi, and Transport.  They will have to move through what it likely hostile territory to relink with their command.  

INS forces can spawn at any of their cache locations and can use any vehicles on the map including the MT-LB.  This adds a bit of a different dynamic from Spartain Trail as command will be at the defensive location rather than pushing with the rest of the forces. It will require them to do a bit of remote leadership.  

I feel the 5 FOB locations and the randomness of caches, coupled with the possibility of INS ambushing the convoy or pushing to the forward force will make this a highly replayable op. If you guys wouldn't mind taking a look, you can find the Op Doc here:  


I appreciate any feedback you guys can offer =)
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Hey CMYK, I have a feeling the MT-LB could be a little OP, unless of course you allow the US to have mortars.

Otherwise I really like the idea, and would love to help test it out!
I could definitely look into giving the US a mortar instead of an HMG considering they get two HMMVWs already, some indirect fire could be cool hmmm...
The MT-LB shouldn't be too overpowered honestly. Against two .50 Humvees I don't see it being a major threat. That being said, I would definitely recommend allowing INS to resupply and repair their vehicles. This is their home turf after all and given the size of the map it's not like they'll always be close to a resupply.

If that's too bad of an idea, maybe giving INS a firebase with 1x mortar and only an initial logistics dump could help with their assault if they end up finding the enemy.

I think the HMG bunker is good to keep honestly. Mortars are quite powerful and with two decently armored HMG armed vehicles plus defenses I feel mortars would make assaulting far more difficult than it needs to be. A stationary HMG with limited swivel that can be dealt with via enemy mortars or rocket barrage seems more balanced in my mind.
I hesitated to give the INS mortars due to the fact that they can have infinite arty. I definitely meant to allow INS to repair and rearm their vehicles. Going to add that to the doc.
Hmm, the randomness of insurgent caches might be a deal breaker here. Given that US spawns are fixed, if the insurgents spawn anywhere near between C9 1 1 and any one of the US forces' initial spawn, it's probably never going to get as far as US deploying a fob. How about trying to work out fixed INS start points?
I mean it could be that we have them begin at Radio Tower and they would just have to spawn at the closes cache to that maybe and drive over... That's a thought.

I think the randomness of the caches was part of it as the ability to spawn close to the FOB would be one way to tackle it... hmm maybe I could make it that they can only spawn at a cache north of a certain point? Maybe I can have them spawn at a particular village?

Do others think the random caches might make it a mess? I guess I didn't always intend the FOB to get supplied, like I fully intend the logi to not make it sometimes and if that happens then I was wanting INS to hold the chosen location while the US tries to retake it... kind of a prize for finding the location early.

If that wouldn't be fun though, maybe I could work out a fixed spawn for them.
I'm curious if, given the location of the Bridges on the map, a decisive fight occurs sooner than you anticipated by design of this operation.  They appear to be pretty close to the enemy.  If this is by design, then  Big Grin.
(08-13-2017, 09:13 PM)Kogobear Wrote: I'm curious if, given the location of the Bridges on the map, a decisive fight occurs sooner than you anticipated by design of this operation.  They appear to be pretty close to the enemy.  If this is by design, then  Big Grin.

Yep, that's part of it.  The INS can choose to either push the possible FOB locations and gain that position for themselves allowing them to hold out against the rest of the American team.  They could choose to set up ambushes and try to kill US reinforcements before making a move on the FOB locations, or the could try to play it patient, get good intel, scavenge a lot of vics, and wolfpack the FOB once they know the local.

Lots of options.
Yes, Matter! 
I need more Kohat in my life and the map has so much potential space to provide a theater for Ops. Those locations on the west side of the map are vastly unexplored by most Squad players and will give the Op rotation some fresh battle space. 

I have half-ass started an Op on that map layer and just need to finish the google doc for it. It involves route clearance and multiple strong point assault. Not trying to hijack the thread just wanted to back up the Kohat argument.


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