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Need help to register
Guys, I have passed SOTT basic traninig last night, and i sitll have this message when i want to register to new events:

You need to have passed the SOTT: Basic training course before you can register for this operation.

Please help, thank you
Hiya Marko,

You might still need to link your forum account to the discord
Follow the steps below and if it doesn't work send a message to [Ops] Barton in the discord.

We have the Discord Bot & Forums Integration complete. The process to link your account is simple:
1. Login into the forums http://forums.squadops.gg/member.php?action=login
2. Click this link: http://forums.squadops.gg/#generateDiscordToken
3. Paste that command in a Direct/Private Message to the @Squad Ops Bot
4. You should get a successful message after a few seconds.
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