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Mod Idea (Teleportation)
So I posted on the Squad forums requesting any feedback and ideas relating to the idea of modding in the ability to teleport anywhere on the map, to ease set up time for large events. I received a message from a kind member of your community suggesting I bring the idea here. This tool would aim to assist communities like squad ops that run private events. There are several ways I believe this can be implemented, for squad ops, something that is locked behind admin abilities to prevent abuse by those who would other wise 'cheat' would do well. Some more exclusive, trusting groups may have more use for a more open system/ tool.

I am here to ask if you guys think this tool would be of use to you, as I believe it would. Once a asset spawner is implemented, coupled with this tool would greatly decrease set up times and allow for quicker briefing. I am curious if anyone on your modding team would know where to start for this project or if anyone has ideas or thoughts to share them here. All constructive feedback is appreciated and I look forward to some responses!

Thanks Squaddies,
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I don't believe this is currently available, will possibly be introduced with Modding of servers?
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