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Hey Everyone
I picked up squad when it first came out. Back when you had to run everywhere, that sucked. Played for 4 months before uninstalling. I  reinstalled yesterday and I'm happy with the direction squad is going in. I saw this server and wanted to get whitelisted, no idea how to do that.

About me: Name's Jared. I play a lot, a lot, a lot of rocket league. I'm an ex grand champ stuck in champ 1 right now. I love military sims and realism, and thats what attracted me here.
Welcome! You might finally be the best RL player in Ops. Currently the highest ranks (that I know of) are me (Gold 3 - Plat 2), BigJimmyHD (I think he's ex-champ?) and Mandrake (plat).

We play shitloads of Rocket League here as well so feel free to join up! Welcome to the community!

By signing up here you are already whitelisted (as long as your Steam64 ID was correct when you signed up), which is good news. Now all there is left to do is to join our Discord and read through the readme channel (which goes over linking Discord and forum accounts) and sign up for events!
I'm a professional Googler.
Welcome to Squad Ops!

See you on the battlefield and the discord.
Something something something...
Welcome to Squad Ops!

Have fun out there!
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Welcome to Squad Ops!
To participate in future Ops be sure to sign up for the SOTT Basic under the "Events Tab"
I hope to see you on the discord  & in events in the near future! Big Grin
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