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Poll: Favourite Map
Fool's Road
Operation First Light
Kohat Toi
Logar Valley
Sumari Bala
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What is your favorite map?
              Fool's Road                                                                                           Gorodok
[Image: Fool%27s_Road_2.jpg?version=a91d053e9f92...1acea31102]     [Image: Alpha_v9_Gorodok_1.jpg?version=2674bf5e3...241a84159d]
                              Narva                                                                                      Operation First Light
[Image: Narva_2.jpg?version=5d77a6e4242e78b8d548883c12c690d8]     [Image: Opfirstlight_1.jpg?version=6544ec60caabb...e56e229712]
                            Yehorivka                                                                                             Chora
[Image: Alpha_v9_Yehorivka_1.jpg?version=2a39257...4f124940da]     [Image: Chora_2.jpg?version=b39d949d92d6fd081c64e7d6b2b64ffc]
                              Kohat Toi                                                                                            Kokan
[Image: Kohat_Toi.jpg?version=775132912ed15dd7c99bd51cc0352a01]     [Image: 8pPPcpA.jpg]
                         Logar Valley                                                                                          Sumari Bala
[Image: Logar_Valley_2.jpg?version=155b032b72089...23db4523bb]     [Image: Sumari_Bala_13.jpg?version=31e6f300a3b25...9be9b326c1]
                            Al Basrah                                                                                                Fallujah
[Image: Squad_Al_Basrah_2.jpg?version=b44c4a9f31...971815ae08]     [Image: Fallujah_west_wip.jpg?version=3e1ab15656...ee840a0dc7]
If your favourite map is the last two in the middle east please comment below! 
  What's your favorite map? Vote Here! http://forums.squadops.gg/showthread.php?tid=1927

[Image: 03dkx7a.jpg]
Thank you all for Voting!  Karmatag
  What's your favorite map? Vote Here! http://forums.squadops.gg/showthread.php?tid=1927

[Image: 03dkx7a.jpg]
Voted. Nice format btw. I love playing Sumari since it's just a big map of fatal funnels. It usually comes down to who can hold corners and who can breach using teamwork. A close second is the recent update for al basrah. I see it as an expanded concept of sumari but for mechanized tactics.
[Image: 76561198027862773.png]
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Voted, Sumari is probably my top pick due to how much CQC takes place, really makes SL'ing hard when you don't want to push your whole squad down 1 alley. Grenades are pretty much instant killers in the tight corridors and small compounds that this map has.
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OPFL best map
I'm a professional Googler.
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