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SOTT Basic Training
Hey guys. I'm very new to the community, only currently clocking 15 hours on Squad and about 50 on Arma 3, if that changes anything, and I was wondering if I should know anything before going into the training? I'm pretty bad at the game and am getting used to it, but I'm just asking if anyone has any specific ideas I should follow, and whether or not I should do the SOTT training yet. Thank you!
Hey buddy,

Of course you should do the SOTT Basic, that let you play in the 1-life events. We've all been bad and some of us still are (me lol). Regarding some tips for the game, listen to your SL, communicate, play the game and have fun. And since you're in to other MilSim you know that you should play it slower than all the arcady shooters out there.

Any other questions, hop on discord and ask.
Something something something...
Definitely agree with Blubb. Hope to see you at Basic soon!
May I ask how long SOTTs is expected to take?

Thank you
Anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour depending on how big the group is, rarely it exceeds the one hour mark
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