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Production Team Needed for Squad Machinima!
Hello everyone, Michael Frost here!

Im working on a new series that is half tutorial, half machinima! A lot of very experienced Squad players have made a number of guides on how to play squad. I certainly can't claim the vast experience many of those people have. What I do have is an understanding of production and stylisation in presentation. So, with that in mind, I wanted to create a machinima series known as 'Squad School'. While it is a tutorial in the same vein as many others, what I hope we can do differently as a community, is set a high bar for ourselves in terms of presentation and production.

I have here my first script for the series, and I hope to receive feedback on it!


As you can see from the document, one person CANNOT make a high-quality production like the one envisioned here. Much like Squad, this is going to require a team. With that in mind, we are looking for:

-Body Actors (10+ persons): All this requires is a willingness to show up on set during film day, and the ability to follow instructions. Considering that we basically do that exact thing every week, any community member of Squad Ops could fill this role.

Current Actors:

  1. Realm of Truth
  2. Odessa
  3. Jax
  4. Zoko
  5. Birdperson1
  6. Player1

-Cameramen (1-2 roles): This requires people that feel very comfortable with Admincam. Ideally, you want to be able to smoothly navigate the camera, while able to keep the shot on a point of focus. I am able to do this myself, but a couple more cameramen will help get better shots and speed up production time.

-Narrator (1-2 Roles): This should simply be a person comfortable speaking and reading from a script. This does not require being present on film day, as narration can be recorded on your own time. While I again can do this myself, I think we all know that Nadis should be the narrator with that smooth radio voice of his. (Kidding, anyone can apply.) Ideally, a decent mic should be used for recording, most headsets are just fine. (We can clean up the recording if necessary)

-Editing/Production Specialists ( 1-2 roles): This is again something I can do myself, but if anyone is particularly good at editing, it would be great to involve more of the team and increase the production quality.

All of these roles are volunteer roles, and each and every person involved will receive recognition in the credits for their contribution.

Please share any interest or feedback! Thank you for your time!

PS, if this production team gets off the ground, we may go for additional opportunities on OTHER machinima based on Squad as well. There are some ideas for a comedy series that could be done, or other things as well. Thank you!
Just a progress update!

I want to thank the three people who have signed up to the team so far!

  1. Realm of Truth!
  2. Odessa!
  3. Jax!
We have our first three actors! Woo!

Also want to thank those who have provided feedback on our efforts! We have already made adjustments and taken in additional considerations based on your contribution! Thanks!

Stay tuned for further updates as we flesh out the team!
My only comment is getting "(14-18 total actors)" on to this idea seems a little excessive, I personally think it would be great however if someone would simply do a brief summary of all the little things in squad which new players often miss e.g. How to fire a mortar, how to assign vehicles as SL, How to estimate distance, Load/Unload of vehicles, Underarm Throwing of grenades etc... all of these little things people overlook... I mean im not going to lie to you the underarm throw I think I found out after 80+ hours in the game  Confused Big Grin
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14-18 is indeed excessive, and thats why its my 'moonshot' goal. The base goal is 10 actors because that many people may be on screen at one time during certain instances. Its a high goal, but we have 100% chance of never getting there if we dont try at all right? Haha. Very likely we could do this with less people, and that may end up being the case, but I want to at least give it a shot at setting a high bar for the production.

I do like the idea you have there! Making a video on the 'little' things in game that might not be immediately obvious to new players. Thats a funny little anecdote! I know I learned a couple things far later in the game as well (Like shift boosting vehicles, which i use all the time now)
I'd love to help out. I'll definitely have to be an actor as I don't have the best performing equipment for recording etc. The script looks great and shouldn't be too complex to pull off. Just let me know when you need me.
Another update!

Please welcome the lastest additions to the team!

1. Zoko!
2. Birdperson1!
3. Player1!

This brings us to 6 actors, and more than halfway to our goal of 10 actors! Thank you, everyone, for your time and feedback! With the team taking shape, we have begun working on scheduling for film days! This time next week, I hope to be able to start preliminary filming and voice recording! Ideally, we should have the first episode of Squad School up and ready to go within the next few weeks! (Ideally).

Thanks again everyone!
Hey I can be whatever you need me to be as I have been in several stage productions as an actor and even directed a Musical.
Hey, keep us updated on the product. I'm looking forward to watching in the near future.

I'm envisioning a squad spin-off of red vs blue in the making. Smile
[Image: 76561198027862773.png]
Might be interested in editing/camera (director).
I got experience in making cinematic videos.
https://www.youtube.com/sharpless512 on my channel and also uploads on other
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSXt6tka...aqfP4bDxKj
@RivalHelicopter Awesome! Ill PM you on disc!

@Burnz I appreciate the support! I hope as well that this is just the start of more projects in the future!

@Sharp Thats fantastic! I'll send you a PM on disc! Both of those things would be a great help.

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