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Narva first impressions?
What is everyone thinking about it so far?

I've only did a couple matches on it but I'm not impressed, I like the middle-eastern maps better still, it just feel weird to me all those big ass buildings we can enter but it has nothing inside of it, it's like a ghost city. I wish devs would find a way to put some life into their towns and cities... NPC's running away, dogs, furnitures...

I havn't been checking official forums but does anyone know anything about that?
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[Image: 949043fleurdelys3.png]

I think the interior dressings are coming as more assets are built. But I for one don't mind a rather large portion of the interior empty. I think those assets cause more glitch play then anything. While it would be nice to have a couch to hide behind I don't want the same couch to be glitched out so that people can camp inside of them or there is no room in the room now to move around without falling over a chair.
It would be nice to have some room clutter that you could shovel away to make it suitable for fighting. However I also appreciate this being on a lower priority until performance is brought up. Making every room have items would tank framerate a lot I would imagine.

Regarding the map, I like its feel. The large towering buildings with every window being a chance at death, while also having the streets filled with rolling metal makes this a very stressful map with lots of opportunity. The western road far outside gives ample flanking opportunities and the infantry can maneuver and flank as well, never mind digging in at a location. Logistics are required now, thankfully, and become another cog in the machine of strategy and tactics.

What I don't like is that all layers seem to have a lot of vehicles and a decreased amount of those, or just providing light ones, might change the gameplay a lot. The 30mm and Strykers run supreme on this map. Maybe an infantry only layer will be added at some point, though I wish we could keep some lighter vehicles in.

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