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No server issue
Since the last update, I can't see any server on the list. Any advice?
Hiya Oliver,

Keep refreshing the server browser and if it doesn't work a quick restart of the game should work.
[Image: sDZIafU.gif]
done all of this, so far nothing
All our public servers should be updated to the latest 9.6 version
You can try one last thing, while you still have squad open go to steam and go to settings > In-Game and set In-Game Server browser: Max pings/minutes to 250 and click ok
After that refresh the browser again and see if that worked.

Might be odd to ask at this point but did you update Squad aswell to the latest version?
If you go to the server browser and check the box for show different versions on the bottom do any servers show?
[Image: sDZIafU.gif]
I just reinstal, and it fix the issue, thx man, have a good night

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