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Tactical guide
Do you guys use any type of manuals or written guides to help with tactics or is it just based off experience?

I've seen squad ops videos on youtube commented by Dyslexi (sorry can't ever spell his name right) and I was wondering if he participate sometimes other than being spectator?

Back when I was in QTF on Project Reality we used his arma 2 guide as reference and adapted it to PR, it's an amazing reference, I think an milsim fans should read it!


Is it the type of stuff you use in here ? Are there similar guides actually made for Squad ?

Just found out he released one for arma 3 too, it must be very good as well.
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I'll go update some of the publication names in a few.

You can also search youtube for video versions. EXAMPLE
Squad specific tutorials from the Devs: YOUTUBE LINK
I believe Karma also had some old tutorials: YOUTUBE LINK
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