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How do you do tactics? British Army Tactics Video
Hey all, I'm a serving soldier and decided to do a video explaining the 6 phase battle drills used by British Infantry. They have been tailored to suit the game squad. Looking back I should have scripted the voice over rather than improvising. However was wondering if there's any 'yanks' Big Grin out there who serve and if your drills are the same or if you follow a different neumonic. This method has guided out infantry for the last 70 odd years and is being taught all over the world. Please give me comments if required on the video. Thanks all. 

We have 8 battle drills in the U.S. Army. The British way seems pretty confusing to me, but it is the first time that I've been exposed to them. Ours are broken down into the task, such as Conduct Platoon Attack and Enter and Clear a Building, and seems a bit easier to digest than the generalized approach that you demonstrated. However, there are similarities like the initial response to contact and methods of identifying direction (I prefer cardinal and clock position [METT-TC on which]). Are there mission planning, operational, and reporting acronyms that you use? Examples of those in the U.S. Army are METT-TC, OCOKA, SALUTE, (L)ACE, PACE, etc..
I think the biggest take away for any infantry tactic is fire AND maneuver. More often then not one is left out or not utilized. It's fire and maneuver, not fire then maneuver, not maneuver then fire. That kind of stuff drives me crazy. As long as people are suppressing and assaulting, you can defeat the enemy on Squad. Whenever one of these fundamentals are neglected, the perpetrator will most likely be defeated.

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