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New kid questions; SOTT and 1-life...
Just a couple of questions regarding rules and stuff, I can't find any relevant threads in the forums:

1) Are the AWS and vehicle SOTT courses mandatory or just highly encouraged to be able to operate the associated weapon systems? I mainly ask because if the team is in a pinch and we get asked to drive or jump on a gun, I don't want to turn around and say "aww, I haven't done the course yet, sorry sarge."

2) Does the 1-life rule in the servers only apply to respawns or does that extend to medics bringing people back to life too?

I think that's all I've got...

Your attendance isn't mandatory, but it's highly encouraged.
Hey buddy!

The AWS and Vehicle SOTT's isn't mandatory, but in Ops your SL assign roles and to get a higher chance of getting any of those roles it's highly encouraged to take those two courses. You may still get the chance to drive and use the associated weapon system.

Medics aren't allowed to revive in the 1-life events only heal, so when you're down you're dead.
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