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Favorite Ops/moments
Hey guys,

What are your TOP 3 favorite Ops?

If you also have video links to some favorite moments from Ops, post that too!
1. My last stand

2. Being an FTL under Pony and wiping out an entire squad about a minute into an OP

3. Jremick scoring a 500+ meter GL kill on me during my first time squad leading in an OP (plus that was with a squad of almost entirely new players)
Yet to have an OP (hopefully tomorrow if a slot opens) but with moments like this https://youtu.be/bcL4Rbbqcnc im sure that ill have something eventful happen to me and have the whole Op recorded too. Excuse the high pitch laughing
I have had a few fun moments but non that are really memorable happening to me, usually when I die the cool stuff starts out.
1) Anytime i'm holding the trench, under heavy fire during Op Chainlink.

2) This HMMWV/ Logi ambush where the Logi driver goes flying through the windshield at 50MPH (Op Farmers Fate)

3) When OD Tap took out a squad as the last man standing, using all his M4 ammo including his pistol. This was during Op Crazy Horse on Kohat a few months back.

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