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Do you have a Military background?
im hoping to go into the army when i graduate, reading this makes me want to go more. would love to hear one of your stories during your time.
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(01-16-2017, 06:39 AM)nateinhd Wrote: im hoping to go into the army when i graduate, reading this makes me want to go more. would love to hear one of your stories during your time.

I am not in the army but might go. Also going after you finish college is better or it's the same?
(01-14-2017, 08:45 PM)Cortex Wrote: Arctic warrior here. Worked 3 years in the Norwegian army as a Squad leader in a mechanized combat engineer platoon. Link to an album with a couple of pics. http://imgur.com/a/93X1D

Amazing pics man, thanks for sharing. Norway looks so majestic!
0352 in the glorious peace time Marine Corps..
Couple folks have asked me if I'm in the military. I'm guessing it's cuz of my Avatar.

For the record, I'm not in the military, But I grew up on pretty much every AF Base in Canada however. Pretty sure getting dragged home by the MP's a few times has to mean something right?

The Avatar is just because I've always been a fan of the Black Watch. They have a unique place in Military History. And a uniquely Canadian one as well. A couple clans my brother Tyr and I have been involved with over the years have been established around the concepts and traditions of the Black Watch. So when I joined SquadOps I slapped the Cap Badge on as My Avatar.

If anyone has a problem with that and feels that it's inappropriate for a Civilian to display a unit insignia from an actual unit, just PM me and we can chat about it.

Thanx to everyone who has served. <S
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How much weight were your bags ? And how many kilometers or miles you did per day ?

@dentric212 I can only speak for US military but I assume you meant as much. If you're planning on enlisting: coming in with a bachelors will start you off at a higher pay grade than your peers (USMC-E2, USN/USAF/USCG-E3, USA-E4) There's also random shizz like having ROTC/Boy scouts/CAP/JROTC/service academy experience for advance paygrade or upon finishing various technical schools so talk to a recruiter for your situation.

If you plan on commissioning as an officer: it's a requirement along with submitting a package. Each service has their own selection boards with various physical/mental testing requirements. All I can say to all reading, if you're remotely thinking about joining: Do so by 31DEC17. You'd be forced into the blended retirement system (BRS) after 1JAN18 which is a discussion for a whole different time.
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well, military training. no, I am a history buff though so I have read up on a lot of tactics used in military history, I also read generation kill and therefore can say I know next to nothing compared to someone who actually has trained, but I will understand some of the jargon
Former 35F army.. no deployments though.
Yeah Still serving if you want proof id be glad to show

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