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What kind of Server would you like to see?
an INV only server, or a server with just large, vehicle filled maps.
What, exactly, am I supposed to put here?
If you put an inf only server on, it will absolutely never get filled. Our server empties on ITC or INF maps, very few people like them. They would never fill. People want Al Basrah and lots of vehicle combat. 2.fjg has had their 24/7 basrah server with a constant waitlist since Basrah was released. We need a 24/7 basrah
How about maps designed specifically to train or practice for SquadOps? Like you can get it modded to have the specifics of Coyote Ridge or other Ops we have.
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A hardcore server, no rally points or HABs allowed on the map so when you die you are forced to use main base deployment. This would force players to play smarter, wait for medics, and work together more. Transport will become more important too. How cool would it be to actually see players request pick up for RTB for resupply or a lift to the next AO? I guess what I'm imagining is something similar to invade and annex from ARMA.
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I like the no HAB/Rally idea also!
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ya i third the no hab idea... cutting edge stuff mate
Something like a three-life server.

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