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20 mortars
I have been looking for a video of a crazy amount of mortars firing on one keypad area and I have had no luck.  i was thinking we could make one, i dont record myself but if theres anyone on here that does and wants to help we should make this a mini event so squadops can get a good video in. I was thinking like 10 fobs so 20 mortars. anyone like this idea?
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honestly i can feel my fps slowing down already
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You'll definitely need someone with a strong PC recording the impacts. It would definitely be an FPS strain on a slower PC.
Even if it's for nothing more than just the experience itself, I totally want to do this. I have a slowmotion video idea I'm trying to piece together and something like this could perhaps make it's way into the video.
If any computer is able to run that smoothly, I would love to see that and help you guysBig Grin
Ohh. I'm down. How about on the event server after the first event (EU) tomorrow.
Did you guys end up doing this? Or is it still on the table? If it is, sign me up!

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