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Whitelist Server - Not jumping the queue anymore?
Before, when I joined the squadops.gg server (whitelist and public) I would skip ahead of the queue into a reserved slot.  Well today, me and my friend both had to sit in queues to play on the server.  We're both registered here with our steam ids registered.  Anyone else hving this issue or know why?
There are a limited amount of reserved slots, so they may have all been filled or an admin may have been trying to get it at the same time as you (admins get priority as they are usually getting on to take care of a situation).
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Very odd. I've seen it fill up to 80/72, and I've also been able to instantly join even when it has 74+ players (and a large queue of public players) in the past. Now it is stuck at 72/72 with 8 reserved slots, and I'm stuck in queue behind public players. Something must have changed, but I checked my steam id and that is the same... Too bad Sad
Mine's doing the same, I join with friends and they get right in. I was whitelisted before the issue.
There's a glitch with the queue right noe. It's being worked on.
Also these forums are no longer in use in anticipation of our new forums.
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