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Tripps 287
Hi guys, I'm a new player from the last weekend. The only reason I purchased this game was because I found your public server and some very patient/helpful squad leaders. See you out there!
Hey Tripps! I was in a squad with you the other night. Nice to see you here as well. Look forward to seeing you in the field.
Welcome, Tripps! We do most of our communication through discord, so if you haven’t already, come join us: https://discord.gg/9KAXxB9

Make sure to sign up for SOTT basic so you can participate in upcoming ops and learn the ropes - http://squadops.gg/calendar

A great tool to use to learn all of the small things in squad is the wiki - http://squad.gamepedia.com/Squad_Wiki

Have fun out there!
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Welcome to Squad Ops Tripps! Hope to see you in an op sometime soon.

See you on the battlefield and the discord.
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