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Seeding Rules
Good suggestion, but as those above me mentioned, I think it'd be a bit difficult to enforce. Plus, the #readme is there for more crucial info that really can be enforced, vs. seeding, which is pretty temporary (if people actually read it in the first place).

My personal advice would be to think of seeding as a time to just do things you wouldn't normally do in a standard game, and mess around (not in the troll-sense, but just go for those risky engagements you maybe normally wouldn't take). Like Digit said, it doesn't normally take too long to seed now anyway, and you can play more seriously when map rolls. Afterall, it's just one round of a game.

If you can coordinate with the other team and do the 15vs15 thing, awesome. If you can't because they're AFK or just random people, oh well, at least you can still shoot 'em Wink

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