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Squad Ops Public White-Listed Server! - Karmakut - 08-06-2016

When you join the Squad Ops Community, we will ask for your Steam 64 ID.  This is collected not only for our Operation Event Servers, but for our White-Listed Server.  Certains days, the Staff will lock the server so only those who joined our site will be able to enter.

The Public White-Listed Server will be licensed and active 24/7 (excluding any server restarts). The server will be the location our community members, staff, friends, and trusted-players can game on while experiencing a high-quality and immersive environment similar to our Weekly Operations. 

Anyone is free to join, but keep in mind that the Public White-Listed Server is a place for serious gameplay on a platform that is more structured than that of chaotic public matches. 

Join now by Registering on our Forums!: http://forums.squadops.gg/member.php?action=login