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Open Road - polecat - 03-30-2017

This was a tough nut to crack, infantry advancing across open ground on an entrenched enemy. It was a ton of fun, and like most ops, i wanted more! 

I would love a monthly event, maybe we could go through several maps, or a campaign! I am pretty addicted to these ops, lol.

Anyway, I am including a screenshot of the US FOB from the last round of open road. 


RE: Open Road - Mighty - 03-30-2017

You aren't the only one to ask for some narrative/campaign. It's definitely on our radar Smile

Thanks for the debrief, glad you had a good time

RE: Open Road - Han - 04-03-2017

Does anyone else think that the US should have to put their FOB in the north eastern part of the airfield, where the sort of administrative buildings and ATC seem to be, instead of anywhere on the airfield? For me, it seems more realistic to have it there, as it is more important to keeping the airfield functioning than the south eastern corner next to some shipping containers. Also the positioning of the US FOB in the second round makes it really hard for the Russians to approach it with any sort of cover, as the surrounding area is extremely open and the south eastern corner of the airfield has a bit of elevation over the rest of the countryside. With proper .50 placement, it's hell for the Russian vehicles. Maybe I'm crazy or maybe I'm just super butt hurt because I was part of that Russian infantry push that was annihilated. I'm curious if anyone agrees or disagrees.

PS. I realize this post is old and maybe no one cares but it seemed like the best place for this

RE: Open Road - boogie5va5 - 06-22-2017

awesome idea... maybe Quarterly campaigns... 4 campains a year .. or if you wanna get real saucey.. have like an "overworld map" where the victor determines the next op, almost a "story mode" if you will... this could get really involving, maybe even have 4 diff factions all fighting for supremacy.. of course this would be in the future ... i remeber some one did this for "StarCraft" and was actually pretty cool while it lasted